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Really enjoyed the show last night. Steve Kellogg was great - every time I see them (this was the fifth time) they seem better and better. I've only seen him in very small venues, (like Jammin' Java - what is that, 120 people?) but he had a great stage presence on even a huge stage like Wolftrap. They were only able to play a short set, about 30 min, but they got the crowd wanting more. They announced from the stage that they're playing the Birchmere on Nov 29th, and baring something catastrophic, I'll be there. First day last night that they had their new cd, Glassjaw Boxer, on sale.

So I did make my sign - it had two fireflies on it and said "What does it mean?" And Carbon Leaf opened with Wolftrap and Fireflies so I stood and waved my sign. I think, though, that my sign might have been a bit obtuse? I saw Terry coming into the park before the show, showed him the sign, and I don't think he got it. After the show, when I was asking the band to sign the sign, Jordon asked if it was a rhetorical question. But anyway...

I'm not very good at remembering full sets, and I didnt write it down, so I'm just going to list the songs I remember that they did, and it's not in order. Feel free to correct. I thought it an interesting choice of songs - very few from LLHR

Wolftrap and Fireflies
What About Everything
Life Less Ordinary
One Prairie Outpost
Torn to Tattered (I was SO happy...)
Blue Ridge Laughing (Again! So happy!)
Texas Stars
A cover of Springsteen's I'm on Fire
Star Spangled Banner.. to... The War was in Color
Troubles (with Steve Kellogg)

They did Star Spangled Banner accapello, the four of them lining up. I got so excited; I thought I was actually going to see Gloryland again. But they did a great job on it - their fabulous harmonies had the crowd on it's feet cheering.

Barry still hasn't cut his hair, and wore a headband even for most of the show, looking very 60's. The rest of the band has stepped back from the scruffy look though - they looked great. Barry? Cut your hair, man...

They said they'd be touring in the fall, and I asked Kit from Steve Kellogg if there was a chance they'd tour together. He didn't say yes, but he didnt' say no - and indicated that there's a desire with both bands to tour together again, even if it's not this fall. Which, of course, would be fantastic. The only thing better than CL on stage is both those bands sharing a stage, and the cutting up and the great music that happens together, never predictable. I'd love to see that again.

Oh, and I really enjoyed Pat McGee, too. Great night!
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