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CL show Oct 12th Scituate MA

The club is kind of tucked back in a fancy suburban neighborhood. It's a really pretty place to see a show.

We got there *right* before the guys went on. By the time we got our drinks they were starting. Most of the crowd was standing around the edges of the room, some were on the dance floor. The stage was slightly above floor level. Nice venue, very up close and personal!


One Praire Outpost

7 Brides for 7 Sinners

Another Mans Woman

Any Given Day

Desperation Song


What About Everything

Under the Wire

Under the Rainbow intro/ into
Miss Hollywood

Life Less Ordinary

Then an Intermmission.

Got hugs from Jason right when he saw us,chatted with Jon, got a hug from Carter then he said " Kate, you look more subdued than usual, and your hair looks really nice." I said subdued? In a schoolgirl skirt and high heels?" He said "Yes, it looks lovely". I blushed like hell. Then we saw Barry and got hugs from him too. Then I went off to the ladies room and when I came out Terry was standing right in front of the door(like in it almost) and I came out and said " Why is it I always run into you lurking outside the ladies room"?
He laughed and grinned at me, looked me up and down and said "Hey Kate, great necklace(I had on a funky heavy silver leaf necklace I got on E-Bay), then told me I had awsome legs. Damnit I blushed *again*.( I never wear miniskirts, last night was rare.) Got a hug then they were headed back onstage.


Drops of Rain

Seed (Barry said this was by request it wasn't on the setlist)

Block of Wood (acoustic)

Comfort (a really funky rocking version of it too)

War Was in Color

Lake of Silver Bells

Pink (Barry told the story about what inspired the song too)

Rocky Road to Dublin intro/into
The Boxer

Let your Troubles Roll By (I can't remember now if it was acoustic too)

Then they all came off the stage onto the floor to do Learn to Fly acoustic.

All the guys signed my crappy little guitar, and we hung out for an hour then headed home.
I promised to show up with baked goodies for them Wednesday.

I think more of the new stuff is growing on me finally.

It was an awsome show and I'm so glad I got word about it. But, there might have been 50 people there total. I think their management needs to keep up on the publicity a bit because up until the day of the show I didn't see news of it anywhere. It went out on Myspace and Twitter the day *of* the show.(I could be wrong on this but I have been trying to check on tour dates every other day just in case I found I could make a show I wasn't already planning on.I never saw this til Monday morning)) I asked around, and a LOT of the people there found out last minute.

Looking forward to tomorrow night in Somerville MA at the Somerville Theatre!
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