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The Paradise Boston May 19th 2009

*knocks mike*
Testing..Testing. Is this thing on? Have there really been no updates here since August 2007?? Almost 2 Years?

Well then how about an update?

Tonight it was a *really* fun show. Sold out as usual too. I love the Paradise,but personally I'm dying to see CL either play a *bigger* Boston venue or an outdoor show again.

The Alternate Routes from Bridgeport CT opened. I'd never seen them before.They were quite good, nice looking bunch of guys too. I'm going to pick up some of their cd's next time. They were a nice mesh with CL's style of music.

Oh and one of their guys and Terry need to have a contest for who has the better hair. ;)

CL went on around 9:15ish

The boys all looked good. Carter was channeling Eric Clapton with a jacket, tee shirt, and a nice black fedora,Terry had on a funky red and black striped long sleeved shirt with shiny silver threads in it,Jon had on a green t-shirt that showed off his (very nice) arms when he played, and Jason had on a cool Sailor Jerry shirt. Barry was the under-dressed one for once, he had on a plain olive green short sleeve button down shirt with a t-shirt under it.


Miss Hollywood

Drops of Rain

What About Everything

One Prairie Outpost


Lake of Silver Bells

Love Loss Hope Repeat



Another Man's Woman

Life Less Ordinary


Under The Wire

Gray Sky Eyes


Desperation Song

(Day-O intro into)

The Boxer

Learn To Fly (acoustic yay!)

Then Tim and Eric from The Alternate Routes joined them for the Encore


Sweet Emotion (Aerosmith)

I might have missed one while taking pictures,but I don't think so? I'm sure monitorninja or someone else will correct me if I did.

It was an completely awesome mix of new and old songs IMO. The crowd seemed to like it a lot. Barry wanted people to sing on "Changeless" and they did but he had to shame them into singing *louder*. They changed up "Under the Wire" but it wasn't as good as say the remix they did of "Comfort" last tour. Jon played the stand up Bass during Learn to Fly (which was really lovely tonight). I got good video but crummy audio of "Sweet Emotion" with my camera. The security guys were all cranky about flash photos tonight,so I didn't take many pics. I mentioned that later and Jon said he didn't know why cause CL didn't care. Oh well. I'll get more next time.

As for the new stuff..
I liked "Another Man's Woman" a *lot* more tonight than the last time I heard it, "Lake of Silver Bells" was pretty,Miss Hollywood was good. I need to listen to "Drops of Rain" "Mexico" and "Seed" again as this was the first time I'd heard them,oh and "Pink" was good too.

*High points* No Mari-Mac (yay!sorry it gets *old*some tours), hearing "Grey Sky Eyes" and "What About Everything" with most of the audience singing along.

*not so high points* Not as much banter as usual. Also there were a bunch of younger people in the front 2ish rows that didn't sing along or really even seem like they were enjoying themselves. Very weird.

Personal opinion? I think I like NRWW more than I liked LLHR the first time I heard it, but a LOT of LLHR grew on me. I'll have to see how NRWW grows on me later.

Welcome back to Boston boys, we missed you!! Come back closer again soon!
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