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The Living Room Providence RI Tonight!!!

23 Rathbone Street $12 bucks at the door. The Living Room doesn't have a website, but the myspace page says the show is 8PM-1:00AM. So I'm guessing it's DOORS at 8.

We plan to leave here at 6:30 to meet my friend at 7:30 at Spike's on Branch Ave Providence for quick dinner before the show. In case anyone else wants to join us. :)

Last night's show at The Iron horse was freaking awsome in a LOT of ways. I will write all about it tomorrow. But Barry picked on me cause I said he needed a shave. ( I said the long hair was yummy but the beard was scruffy looking, cause it IS!) ;)

I will say LTF acoustic on youtube was great, but in person... good lord it was SO fabulous.

linda_a I've got pics for you!! I will get more tonight. I will post them here if I ever figure out how.
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